A 5-year plan to spray a PROBABLE CARCINOGEN into BC's watersheds, from Squamish to Hope?! Starting as early as TOMORROW!?! NO thank you. B.C. Timber Sales is proposing a five-year "pest management" plan that would involve spray glyphosate/Round Up, out of helicopters. This chemical will blanket food sources like berries, run-off into critical salmon habitat. And those 'pests' they're referring to? They're broadleaf tree species that animals depend on for food. The way we manage our watersheds and our forests is broken, and the government needs to do better. We need to see some real changes when it comes to the way our watersheds are managed. CodeBlue BC is calling for more local decision-making authority, more transparency and tougher fines for water polluters. Read the plan and add your support for the plan here:

We support Bill C-230 – The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act

No Child Euthanasia in Canada

Last chance to fix Bill C-11

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Lay charges on B.Henry

Stop Trudeau's gun ban

End All Restrictions Now

Let us stand for freedom of speech in Europe

Stop WHO pandemic treaty here & here

Survey on problems Canadians are facing

Stop Bill C-11 

 Let Kids Camp

Fight internet censorship (Bill C-11)

No new truck & suv tax

Rein in lifelong governor general expense accounts 

Sign the World Freedom Declaration

Can.Taxpayers Federation Stop The Wealth Tax petition

House of Commons petition to end aviation covid restrictions

Call for an independent and objective investigation of government's response to C19

Stop Ottawa's online censorship

Defund the CBC & end media bailout

No PST on used items in B.C.

End the Mandate on BC Healthworkers

Revoke the use of The Emergencies Act

BC Petition against Bonnie H. Adrian Dix

Let them (the unvaccinated) stay at Ronald McDonald House

:Stop Vaccine Passports for Churches in Quebec 

Petition opposing a Home Equity Tax 

Petition against Trudeau hate speech 

Make Trudeau accountable 

Dr.Trozzi's 5 min. Action Plan (Trudeau)

Remove Trudeau

Unmask our kids: Teri Mooring - BC Teachers' Federation - Sign Here  

Business owner survey - How the lockdown measures are affecting you Here
Action4Canada - Provincial petitions to remove masks from kids Sign all here

Action4Canada - Protect Our Kids Remove the Masks Sign Here

Stop masking children and spraying their classrooms Sign Here

Oppose COVID Passports Sign Here (This petition will automatically be sent to your MP)

Remove PM Justin Trudeau, his Liberal government end the lockdown Sign Here

Replace Bonnie Henry in BC Sign Here

Canada: Protect Your Medical and Travel Autonomy Sign Here 

Say No to COVID Passports Sign Here

News Poll Do you like the idea of a COVID-19 vaccine passport for travel? Take Here

Impeach Trudeau Sign Here

No Mandatory vaccination for corona virus Sign Here

Petition to have Sonia Furstenau withdraw her petition for mandatory masks in all schools Sign Here

End Alberta Lockdown Sign Here

Petition: Police must respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Sign Here

Stand with MPP Roman Baber who was kicked out of caucus for opposing the lockdown Sign Here

Petition Stop Medical Discrimination Sign Here

Petition FIRE DR. THERESA TAM  Sign Here

Petition Sign the Great Barrington Declaration Sign Here

No More Lock Downs Sign Here

Vaccine poll results Read Here

Convene a Special Grand Jury To Investigate the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19 Sign Here

Hold elected officials at every level of government accountable for the
preservation of health freedom Sign Here

Without Religious Freedom, the State Is God Sign Here

Liability-Free Products Put Our Children at Risk Sign Here

Protect Children by Preserving Parental Rights Sign Here

Actions To Free Kids

According to Maxine Bernier, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is able to take on the bussing issue of segregation and medical note requirements for children not wearing masks. Their legal team would be able to fund and fight this case.
Please contact [email protected] if you know any families who would be interested in participating in the lawsuit.

Join Free The Kids Kootenays on Facebook

The Church must gather declaration 

As the government begins to use our confused behavior against us, the time for clarity is now.

Sign Here

Join the Human Rights Complaint at
Kootenay Coop Food Store

A smart local business woman, is coordinating a Human Rights Complaint against the Kootenay Co-op food store regarding their violations of human rights in relation to not honouring mask exemptions. The goal is to collect 100 people names and phone numbers of people willing to join this action.

Join the List of Name!
The more who join the more powerful it will be.

Please call Amanda at 250-509-0215
or email your name, email and telephone # to Amanda [email protected]

School Actions

Please Send the Letter and videos Below to the Superintendent and your children's teachers so your children can breathe freely again. Office: 250-505-7037
Cell: 250-505-9625 E
mail: [email protected]

Please Sign Petitions UNMASK OUR KIDS

Oppose COVID Vaccine Mandates for In-Person Schooling
 Sign Here

Download Our Local Action Package

On Feb 22nd, 2021 Kootenay Freedom participated in a B.C. wide call to action which requires all of our provincial MLA's to address unanswered questions regarding the effectiveness of the provinces COVID 19 restrictions and the detrimental effects they have had on our local communities. If you want to do the same in your area we have created a downloadable package containing the documents and questions we submitted to our local MLA's for you to use as a reference for creating actions in your area. We have also included a modifiable Microspft Word template that you can easily use to create and submit to the same documents to your local city council, hospitals, schools, police, etc. Click the blue button to access the file downloads.

Brand Ambassador for Kind Humans Movement

Donate to the Vaccine Choice Legal Challenge

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The Constitutional Rights Centre is found


Donate to the Constitutional Rights Centre now

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"What's Goin On"

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